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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Rest of the Story

I need to complete the audio picture for the night I left recorders out in my research area, last March 25th. The first was shared in my March 31st post, but it's worth reposting to help show the context of what occurred over the course of the evening.

Just at sun down on March 25th I hiked in to a remote location in my research area, accompanied by a friend and his son. We put out an audio recorder and then did about a half dozen whoop-knocks. It grew very dark and we walked out without head lights. There was just enough light to make out the path back to my truck.

Later I reviewed the audio and found three interesting clips. The first occurs about 30 minutes after we leave the area, at 9:09 p.m. It sounds as though a bipedal walker approaches from the north (left mic channel). To the north of this location is a deep and isolated valley that is largely trackless. The walker is not alone, at times you can hear a second visitor moving about in the back ground. This short clip is from the first 4 minutes or so of the visit. The visitors stay within ear shot of the mic for about 20 minutes, before eventually moving away:

Next, just over an hour later, the recorder picked up a vocalization that I've captured a few times in this area. It sounds very owl-like, but after researching the vocalizations of all the local owl species, I can't match this vocal to any of their calls. I've taken to nicknaming it the "oowoo" call. And I've only heard it when other suspected sasquatch vocals or activity was occurring. Once it happened during a long series of howls, barks and whoops, last March. These oowoo calls occured at 10:31pm, just over an hour after the bipedal walkup:

Finally, 10 minutes after the oowoo vocals, a mysterious series of loud bangs was heard. The first two happen at 10:41pm and come from the deep valley to the north. They are far enough away that some echo from an adjacent mountain side is detectable. About a minute after these first two bangs, three louder, closer bangs ring out, closer to the mic, but still from the deep valley to the north. The sound as if they are a response to the first two bangs:

After that, the recorder picked up nothing more of interest