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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Michigan Sasquatch Vocals? Volume 8

Jim Sherman continues his excellent series of videos relaying possible sasquatch vocals captured in central Michigan. In this release he goes to some length to describe how he initiates a field investigation, what he carries with him, and how he deploys his recorder. Toward the end he includes an original audio clip captured as he and the witness were just about to part ways. Together they hear the vocals as they occur, and you can hear their enthusiastic reaction. This clip includes the beautifully executed "singing howl", as described in earlier videos.

Michigan Sasquatch Vocals? Vol. 7 How Do I Identify a Possible Sasquatch Vocal?

Jim Sherman soldiers on and produces Volume 7 of his educational series of videos discussing possible sasquatch vocals. Interestingly, he seems to have skipped over Volume 6 (for now). Maybe there's something special brewing there. In the mean time, this volume shows an excellent collection of the more casual vocals that may be emitted by sasquatch. These are far less noticeable than the ferocious howls and roars we hear more often.

Michigan Sasquatch Vocals? Vol. 7 How Do I Identify a Possible Sasquatch Vocal?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Recordings from Central Michigan

Jim Sherman from BFRO in Michigan continues the good work with two new videos of vocals and wood knocks:

Volume 4 Wood Knocks -

Volume 5 Weird Things -

In Volume 5 the audio lags a little behind the playback in the spectrogram, but only by a half second or so. So keep this in mind as you view the "signals" in the spectrograph.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Great Vocals From Michigan

For just over a year now I've had the great pleasure of working with Jim Sherman, a BFRO investigator from the state of Michigan. In 2011 Jim came into contact with a witness from Isabella County that had recordings of strange vocalizations emanating from the night time forests around her farm. Jim liked what he heard and during his follow up investigation he asked for my opinion on the clips.

I was quite blown away by the amount, quality, and variety of vocalizations that Jim had to share, both from the witness, and from his own on-site investigation. I happily worked with Jim throughout much of 2012 to study his recordings and compare them to other audio of suspected sasquatch vocalizations. His captures were very consistent with what we've come to expect from possible sasquatch vocals, and included moan howls, whoops, knocks, and other complex vocals.

As a result of his hard work and our collaboration, Jim assembled a great report for the BFRO database. And prior to publishing the report the witness's recordings and farm became a significant part of a 2012 episode of "Finding Bigfoot". After Jim published the report, we collaborated to add many of the best vocal captures to the online write-up. The end result, in our opinion, is a great audio reference that other investigators could share with witnesses while they work with them to identify the vocals they've heard.

Here's a link to Jim's report and the great collection of suspected sasquatch vocals it contains: Report # 32981 (Class B): Farmers record interesting vocalizations west of Clare

In the months since this report went public, Jim has done a great job breaking down and sharing these clips, and others, in a series of instructive videos. On occasion I've contributed a video spectrogram clip to his effort and the end result is more entertaining than the basic video spectrograms I've posted here in the past. So for the sake of sharing to all those who might find these pages interesting, here are the first three installments of Jim's video reports:

-Michigan Sasquatch Vocals? Vol. 1 The Isabella Howl and Singing Howls
-Michigan Sasquatch Vocals?-Vol. 2 Four Moan Howl
-Michigan Sasquatch Vocals? Vol. 3. What Do Vocals Look Like?