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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scrutinizing the Florida Howl

It's time to look at another venerable vocal capture possibly attributed to sasquatch. This one is known as the Florida Howl, and it was recorded in Lake County, Florida, by Dan McGee, as he attended a BFRO expedition in January, 2006. You can read the report and see photos from that expedition on the BFRO website.

After some noise filtering and amplification three things emerge to recommend this as a sasquatch howl.

First, the familiar arched shape of a "moaning" howl, seen in both the Ohio and Mississippi video spectrograms.

Second, it shows an attenuated fundamental with strongest resonance in the F1 harmonic.

And third (and more importantly), there appear to be three deep wood knocks integrated into the howl, one at the beginning, and two at the end.

Integrated wood knocks are a key feature to look for in sasquatch vocals, and this capture has them. So +1 for the Florida Howl being the real deal.

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