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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Triple Moan Howl from Morton, Washington

Kirk Brandenburg has been on a tear lately. Earlier this year he captured a great piece of thermal footage potentially showing a New Mexico sasquatch monitoring his camp one night. But before that, in August of 2010, Kirk was camping with friends in Morton, Washington, when he heard vocals starting up in the distance. Kirk had the presence of mind to grab his audio recorder, turn it on, and listen quietly. For his efforts, Kirk captured one of the best series of moan howls to be recorded recently. It makes for a nice spectrogram, and after cleaning up, has a bonus whoop or two at the end.

After you've enjoyed this clip, be sure to check out Kirk's thermal footage at:


  1. Thanks for another GREAT analysis! After listening to this one, I wanted to share a thought I've had while listening to other moan howls in the past. The instances you've id'd here as "trailing utterances" are the same sounds I've heard from Washington and Ohio (I think). I'll try to find the exact instances when I've got more time if you're interested, but anyway the trailing utterances sound to me like the big guy inhaling rapidly/deeply after such an incredible exhalation. Almost a gasp just like we have to do after a long, loud vocalization at a football game. When you finish a lengthy, high volume vocal you are completely out of breath by the end of it and almost reflexively inhale rapidly and very deeply which produces a reverse flow over the vocal chords and reverberates producing a sound that is very close to what is recorded here. Forgive me if this is something that is already commonly known to you. Just a thought I've had before and this was another example of it. Thanks again for the incredible work you are doing.
    Hank D.

  2. Hankd, that's an interesting observation and an inhale might actually be the source of these sounds. If you can find the clips you're referring to, please let me know. I'd like to examine them and see how they compare. Thanks.

  3. The best example I have noticed is actually in one of the better known sound clips. It's during the 1994 Ohio moan / howl. The version I'm listening to is on the BFRO page and can be heard immediately following the first howl on the recording; approximately 00:07-09. You probably have a better version on your site that I'll look for when I get the time. I'm working this weekend and only have a laptop to deal with; no external speakers and no headphones. As soon as I track down the other examples, I'll get them to you.
    I'm fascinated by your efforts. I've been deep into this subject since childhood and since I live in rural SE Georgia, never thought I had the most remote possibility of having any activity near home. However, our local paper ran a story about a year ago about a gentleman who lives about a mile from me who discovered a series of 19 inch tracks in one of his fields. I was interested but didn't really give it much thought until I found the database and saw that there has been some activity in this area before.
    What got me interested in recording was actually my wife; (who is a university professor and to my knowledge has never even thought of sasquatch other than watching a monster quest episode with me years ago and laughing pretty hard when I told her I believed in the big fellas!) A few weeks ago, she came in from feeding the dogs around 11PM and rather rapidly shut the door. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she just got a "creepy" feeling and heard a commotion in the swamp behind our house. The kicker was when she then said that it sounded like a big monkey was back there screaming. Anyway, as small as the chance may be, my hopes are up a little. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get a recorder going and your site as well as your posts on the message board have been a big help.
    Thanks for the response,

  4. Hankd, I think I know which vocal you're referring to in the Ohio Howl. I have a different theory about that one, and suspect it could be a type of response vocal from a separate animal. That's suspicion is based on a half dozen incidents where that vocal has been recorded, or heard in response to other vocals (even including responses to my vocals). I sent you a PM on the BFRO Blue Forum. Go check it out. If you're lucky enough to live near a south Georgia swamp, then you have a built in audio recording opportunity.

  5. Hello. I have a question to ask. I live in Washington. When I was a teenager my family and I lived in a heavily wooded very rural area. In about 1969 or 1970, on a very dark and rainy morning,at approximately 5:30 a.m., I heard an extremely frightening 'call.' I heard it three separate times with short pauses in between. Our dogs had been sleeping but immediately woke up and paced, whining and quietly barking. The only way I could describe the sound at the time was that it was very amplified, and sounded like a cross between a hyena laughing and a high-pitched hysterical cackling woman. I was scared enough that when my mother got home from work and was going to take me to school, I took my dad's gun out to the car with me! There were absolutely no homes anywhere around us and there was no electricity behind our house or anywhere to plug in an amplifier if it had been a hoax by someone, but we had no neighbors. Many years later, my dad was talking to a sheriff who had answered many 911 calls during the sasquatch sightings around Eatonville in the 1970s, and the sheriff told Dad that they sounded like hyenas laughing! I had never heard anyone say that before. Have you ever heard that sasquatches make sounds like that? I have listened to all the sasquatch audios I can find and have not heard anything that sounds like what I heard. It was tremendously loud and from that time on I would never go into the woods. It was scary enough that my hair stood on end! I actually have had a couple more incidents regarding what probably were sasquatches, another where I lived, and one in Morton involving a very distinct footprint when we were out hunting in the wilderness. All these years I have wanted to know for sure what I heard that morning, and would really appreciate if you could give me a definite answer. Also, if it were a sasquatch, why haven't I been able to locate another recording of a call like that?


  6. Kathy,

    That is a very interesting experience, and I would encourage you to submit your story to the BFRO at this link:

    There might be other people in that area who have heard similar sounds, and your report could encourage them to share their story as well.

    As for why similar sounds have not been recorded, I submit that most people are unprepared to record these vocals when they occur. Most people just don't have recording equipment, nor think to whip out their cell phone and use it to record when they hear something interesting. Also, the sounds you heard might not be a common vocalization. You might have been very lucky to hear what you heard.

    While I've never personally heard what you described, there are a couple links that I think sound similar to your description. These were recorded last month in Illinois, maybe they're close?

    Finally, I can't give you a definite answer regarding what you heard, since I can't hear it myself. But given the setting you describe, the location where it occurred, the volume and characteristics of the call, and the emotional impact it had upon you, I'd say your experience has good likelihood of being sasquatch related, and is similar to experiences described by a number of other witnesses. You can peruse the BFRO database of reports and find similar stories from time to time, especially in the Pacific North West.