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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walk Up Visitor

In June of this year I deployed a "long-duration" field recorder in my research area. The recorder captured audio over the course of 12 days before the battery finally died. I've reviewed all of the audio from that recorder and found a few interesting items. Among the most interesting was an event that occurred on the fourth night that the recorder was left running in the field.

To me it sounds as if something begins by pelting the recorder with small rocks or nuts. Soon, something begins manipulating the recorder from its left side. Finally, foot steps approach through the crunchy leaf mat and something audibly investigates the recorder. There are no vocals that I can discern, but I can make out individual foot steps, several loud sniffs or exhales of breath, and instances of tapping and knocking (possibly on the recorder itself).

These sounds are best demonstrated in an annotated spectrogram. So I've put together my third attempt and posted it to youtube. The audio and video are a little out of sync, but close enough that you can follow what's going on. Youtube has unfortunately diminished the clarity of the video so reading the annotations can be a challenge, but you should be able to hear & see the important points.

Here' the spectrogram:

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