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Monday, July 22, 2013

Knocks and a Roar, June 2013

This year's audio results in my Virginia research location haven't been as productive as last year. But I have caught just enough to let me know the squatch are still in the area. They seem to be keeping their voice down as opposed to how vocal they were when I first recorded here in 2012. This clip is not the best, as the vocalizer was far from the recorder. But progressive filtering passes improved the audio so that with headphones you can better hear the initial rapid wood knocks that immediately precede a "roar" like vocal.

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  1. Cool. I know they are still in Viginia, I took your advise and got an audio recorder last Christmas. Iwish I had in November and early December as the activity was almost routine. I caught some wood knocks on my recorder in May. Check out my YouTube video of my experiance in May at: