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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two-tone vocal from Kentucky

Recently, Charlie Raymond from the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization shared with me a short clip of a possible sasquatch vocalization. This vocal was captured on cell phone video while he walked the forested area of his family's property. The video is unremarkable, but the audio demonstrates a "two-tone" characteristic that has been captured in other possible sasquatch vocals.

The vocal starts with a deeper, raspy note that quickly breaks upward in pitch to a tightly focused vocal tone. Over the years I've heard similar vocals in the recordings made by Rick Noffke in Minnesota, and my own recordings from south Georgia.

Here's the most recent clip from Kentucky: The Summer Shade Howl

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  1. Hi m - That sounds like English to me. If you slow it down anywhere to 63% of speed, it'll take some of the shrill out of it. p